WillowTree Internship

During my time at WillowTree as a Product Design Intern, I redesigned the box given to newly hired employees. I also created an animation for use in the new hire slide deck. All additional WillowTree work is under NDA.


WillowTree's primary brand color is a bright teal. I wanted to heavily incorporate this shade, but pairing it with other colors while maintaining a simple design was challenging. For the front of the box, I decided to avoid an overwhelming color scheme by using varying hues of the teal shade.

On the inside of the box, I illustrated company employees and set them against a coral background color, complimenting the WillowTree teal. I created a pattern incorporating icons familiar to WillowTree– from software logos to the party parrot gif.


I illustrated a literal take on building an app. The illustration style was consistent with the new hire box, and the color story worked with WillowTree's new hire presentation.

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