Information Systems

A collection of works that deal with understanding, systematizing and visualizing information.

Food Book

This book serves as a continuation of a speculative space exploring food, and the disparity between its negative implications and personal value. I incorporated family recipes, printed on transparency paper overlaying layered ingredient pages. Each ingredient's page contains negative information about the ingredient sourced from questionable internet sources, contradicting the intimacy & nostalgia of the recipes. This book is 500 pages, printed and perfect bound.

Tea Poster

I created a poster serving as an infographic/ journey map of brewing green tea in gong-fu style. Gong-fu style brewing is a method that uses a large amount of tea in a small amount of water for short steep time. Many tea enthusiasts consider gong-fu brewing the best way to fully taste a tea, as the tea’s flavor evolves with each infusion. I mapped three brewing sessions, each one using a different green tea. I included a geographical information about the each tea's origins, as this affects its flavor, similar to wine. I also included information on green tea and gong-fu brewing so that the map could be understood by people with little tea experience.

An Interview

I conducted an interview in 2018 with my partner at the time, and transcribed it. Looking at the mass of information after transcription, I realized that a large portion of it was expendable– such as filler words and tediously long sentences. I experimented with design systems to differentiate this secondary information from the essential information. Printed as an 8"x10" book.

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