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When I opened this site, I entered into a race against myself to digest information– to be aware of the new notifications, but at the same time maintain a minimum level of focus needed to receive the information. Why was I so stressed, and why did I have a fear of missing out? The design of this site breaks the mold of most websites, in that the messages appear temporary, but in the end all feed into a finished library of thoughts. Reflecting on my own habits, even on websites that display a static news article I am still in that race. The act of opening my computer and searching has become a signal that I need to be stressed in order to be productive, and that I should have a response formulated at all times. Multitasking as become inevitable and unavoidable. Conversely, if I sit with a physical book, I am truly alone. To be “not alone” online- is this a positive thing? It mediates our human fear of being lonely, but means adjusting to being “eternally available.” We desire the anticipation, the “dopamine-addiction feedback”, and to get it we deny that it’s all relatively pointless. We have lost value in physical items due to overproduction- now value is increasingly placed in mental stimulations, which are based on our semiotic knowledge and inherently meaningless. Our individual interactions, our collective mental activity, is now monetized. Our interactions are the product, with the method of production being a wider dispersal of attention and more screen time. But how can we reverse this system when it is what people expect and want?